Do you want to sell your property with Immoserveis? Featured

You will like to know … The members of APIALIA COSTA BRAVA offer our knowledge and experience of 18 independent firms. We will share your exclusive property, with the legal, technical, […]


Little comfort pills that will help you to increase the value of your property easily… Trust authentic professionals, we are backed by 20 years of experience. Remember that good advice […]


The total of new and second-hand housing transactions has improved in the last five years: since 2013 (lowest point of the series) it has not stopped growing until 2018, the […]

Our showcase is a powerful magnet for buyers … Featured

Just imagine you want to buy a home in our area. An interesting properties’ showcase with detailed info, wouldn’t be powerfully attractive for you? In our Agency we invest a […]

How do you think your shopping experience must be? Featured

All homes are not the same, in consequence the process how to buy a real estate are different. If you are thinking of buying a home and you are in […]

Upgrade your house to sell it Featured

Will you sell your home? We can advise you on how to take advantage of the advantages of your property and what is the best way to make it beautiful […]

Buy or Rent … Is this your dilemma? Featured

It’s time to choose. Our house maybe is now too small or we want to change the residence area. Whatever the reason, the decision between buying or renting is one […]

Do not open the door of your home to the first thing that happens Featured

Do not open the door of your home to the first thing that happens All Immoserveis customers receive maximum attention, but our work and effort is focused on the buyer […]

Buy house a Sant Antoni de Calonge Featured

Buy house a Sant Antoni de Calonge Do you know whose faces these are? Do you know what they represent? Do you know why they are happy? They are some […]

Why do I need a notary if I contract a mortgage? Featured

Before signing the mortgage loan, the buyer will meet the notary who will resolve all doubts and review all documentation previously submitted by the bank. The notary will verify that […]