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It’s time to choose. Our house maybe is now too small or we want to change the residence area. Whatever the reason, the decision between buying or renting is one of the most important of our lives and it is best to have it clear before choosing one or the other way.

One thing is for sure: we are in a country of buyers, since 78% of the population prefers to buy a home instead of renting, according to the OCU, Organization of Consumers and Users.

An initial idea that will help us to decide to buy a home is the long-term profitability, since in the end we amortize the expenses that are derived from this purchase. The option of renting in return, can be optimal in the short and medium term, since there is not a great initial expense. For example, if the forecast is to live in the property less than ten years ago, buying does not come out profitable, as analyzed at the OCU. If they exceed 5 years living rent, it is clear that the best is the purchase, according to experts.

Rent makes you commit less, but the effort to buy translates into savings and assets.
Currently buying a home is a very good investment for the future but personal factors, economic and market fluctuations influence the decision of each buyer.

Come and we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option you choose.

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