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Do not open the door of your home to the first thing that happens

All Immoserveis customers receive maximum attention, but our work and effort is focused on the buyer who really wants something special and can buy. Why?
We must select so well and not waste owners’ time who have entrusted us with the sale of their home. We also try to avoid expose freely and unnecessarily the privacy of their property to the eyes of others.
In addition, open your door to the first interested party and let them entering it in your home without having previously analyzed its solvency and qualification, or without having a clear idea of ​​its intentions, is not advisable and can be negative at long term.
You have a high risk when exposing alone your home in the market. That’s why you need experienced professionals and experts in your area to help you get qualified buyers and solvent purchase offers.
You are the owner and throughout the sales process we are by your side advising you at every step.
Our goal is to reach the best customer and the best possible offer for your home. We will support your in all necessary decisions step by step.
Our way of working is close and transparent because experience tells us that the sale of a home is a process that depending on how you face it can be very enriching or a nightmare for both parties the buyer and the seller.
A characteristic feature of our way of working is reinforced by the fact we sold homes sold several times to different buyers.
Main reason is because when buyers are happy with the deal, is natural to rely on Immoserveis’ services again if required.
These are the details that define our trajectory.
Come see us, call us, send us a message or visit directly our website.

Today better than tomorrow.

Trust authentic professionals, we are backed by 20 years of experience.
Remember that good advice is a guarantee of success.



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